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At a young age I heard the sound of my pen as it scratched across a piece of paper it mesmerized me. The lines fell upon one another in a deliberate pattern building the structure from which the final image emerged – simple and abstract until coming together in a meaningful way. I learned to take a concept in my head, break down its components, and transfer it onto paper. This became my creative process. I find inspiration for my stories in the landscape around me, in myths, literature, folklore, history, and my own imagination. I seek to create the stories that interpret these sources through the written word, sequential art, and visual image. It was the sound of the pen that initially drew me in but I have found it is the process of art that creates the pattern that drives me.

I am an artist and creative consultant on projects that team art, education, storytelling, with international development work. I have over 20 years of experience working in the fields of comic books, children’s books, printmaking, publishing, graphic design, communications, and film. As an a formally trained artist, with an MFA, my foundation is in creative thinking while it is the practical application of projects using the arts and communication that has enabled me to be successful as a fine artist, designer, publisher, educator, writer, film maker, and content creator.

                                                                      I draw, I film, I educate, I make things - contact me to see what I can do for you. For a full bio please see my LinkedIn page here and feel free to contact me for consultation, fine art and book sales. You can also click on the LuLu publishing link below to view and purchase my books. 

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