¡Living the Vida Lima!

Landing in Lima has been the culmination of a plan set into motion while we were still living in Ethiopia. My wife and I knew that we wanted to live outside of the United States but it was also important that both of us could find meaningful work. There's the rub how does a trailing spouse find work overseas? When people hear that we live overseas they almost always ask what I do. I reply that I am an artist and I almost always get the same response "Oh that is great because you can do that anywhere!" While this is true, sort of, it does present its problems. For one I have been starting over in a new city every two years. Not only does this cause a down time between myself and when my supplies will arrive but also I need start over as far as meeting people in each new city something that I am not particularly good at. Networking is needed in any field and the art scene can be difficult to crack as an outsider let alone as a foreigner. In general I am not terrible good at networking. In a print studio sure but going to galleries and talking 'art' no. This is partially an excuse to hide in my studio, which I love to do, and also a fact. Don't mistake my worries for windging I am very excited to have the opportunities that are presented to me. So starting out new in Lima I'm attempting to change my old habits. The last thing I want to do is look back on the years and see that I have wasted time. One motivation tool that I have found to work well in the past is telling as many people as possible about my plans thus creating expectations for myself. With that said here is my Lima to do list.

1. Finish another graphic novel, at this point the tentative title is Drift. This will be an offshoot from my thesis work in graduate school Lunafication. The book will follow a marooned astronaut's journey through the cosmos. I want this book to be a strange mix of pen and ink, lithographs, and found images-I also think I will publish Drift as a digital comic-so be prepared. 

2. Begin the foundations of Peruskivi press. I own a press that I've never printed with but none the less its in the mail. I want to organize a printmaking residency that will take place wherever I am living. This residency will focus on bringing artists from the states to work with local artists on a project. My hope is that these projects will be culturally and socially relevant and of course use the medium of printmaking.  

3. Write more. So I plan to post at least once a week on Lima, what I'm up to, and any other such nonsense. I'd like also to use this blog to link with other artists who are either living overseas or want to work overseas. 

4. Get out and meet people in the art world here in Lima, extend myself, and promote myself.  

5. I need to send submissions to publishers. I have a few children's books written. I need to get samples together and start knocking on doors. 

6. Finally. I have a bad habit of orphaning my work the minute I am finished with it. I truly stop caring about the work once finished. I need to get my work out in the world though the web and into galleries.  

Well thats a lot I guess I'll be busy. Now my challenge is to put action behind my words.